31 Days To Start A Blog - Learn step by step how to start a blog from scratch.

Benefits of this course:

  • Tons of resources to catapult your DIY design confidence
  • A course workbook that you can print and write in or fill in on your computer
  • Printable PDF checklists
  • Receive all updates to this course...FOR-EV-ER!
  • Get found on Google
  • Save a boatload of money by building your own blog
  • If you need any questions answered, I’ll be available for the life of this course (Hopefully for many years to come, he he)
  • You’ll have a clear plan for your blog before you begin designing
  • Learn the Advanced features in your Wix blog

What you’ll find inside this course:

  • How to pick a name for your blog

I’ll give you 5 simple things to consider that will help you create a name that you will be proud of.

By the end of this course you will:
  • Have the basic skills necessary to start your blog
  • Walk away with enough knowledge to build your blog with confidence
  • Be able to create a Password Protected Library to house your opt ins and collect your subscribers
  • Be able to maintain and make updates to your blog on your own
  • Have a blog that is published, live, and indexed with Google

Bonus: FREE Course!!

How to get a FREE Domain Email Address

More bonuses!! WHAAT??

  • How to create an opt in using Canva - I’ll show you how to create a checklist and a Pinterest Template
  • How to create an opt in using Google Drive - Want to see how I created my Planner Pages?
  • How to make your opt in, fillable with Dochub - You’ll see how easy it is to upload your opt in from Google Drive to Dochub with the push of a button
  • How to create a shadow around your image using the FREE software, Fotor.
  • How to create a logo using Canva - Create a basic logo until you have the funds to hire a pro designer.
  • How to create a FREE logo
  • A comprehensive list of 45 FREE Resources that I used when I started my online business.